The Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Law: Understanding Its Practice Areas

Commercial law is the cornerstone of a flourishing business economy. It provides a stable foundation, ensuring that business interactions are fair, just, and predictable. Most commercial law firms encompass several practice areas, each with a critical role to play in maintaining the integrity and functionality of the corporate landscape. Here, we delve into the key practice areas of commercial law: property law, corporate law, dispute resolution, litigation, debt recovery, insolvency, and building and construction legal services.

Property Law: An Asset to Commerce

Commercial property law plays a pivotal role in business operations, serving as the basis for real estate transactions and business premises. It governs buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties, ensuring a fair exchange and safeguarding property rights. A proficient commercial property lawyer provides legal counsel for complex transactions, guides business owners through zoning regulations, and mitigates potential legal disputes over property rights or leasing contracts.

Corporate Law: The Backbone of Business

Corporate law forms the very backbone of business and commerce. It deals with the formation, governance, and dissolution of corporations. This practice area encompasses numerous legal aspects such as corporate contracts, hiring practices, and the manufacture and sale of consumer goods. Corporate lawyers offer advice on legal rights and obligations of corporations, helping companies mitigate risks and function smoothly within the confines of the law.


Protecting Your New Business From Copyright Infringements

Protecting Your New Business From Copyright Infringements

If you’re an entrepreneur or anyone else starting a new small business, then you need to be wary of copyright infringements. This is especially true if content – either written or visual – plays a big part in your business, because copyright infringements can dramatically reduce your profitability.

There are numerous ways to protect your business from copyright infringement, including by engaging the services of a commercial lawyer, such as Commercial Lawyers Perth, who has experience with copyright law. With this in mind, I’ve outlined a few of the simplest things that you can do.

Note that this isn’t a complete list, and that it’s not designed to take the place of professional advice.

Use A Copyright Lawyer

The most important thing to do when it comes to protecting your business from copyright infringement – which, by the way, occurs when someone else uses your intellectual property without permission – is to hire a commercial lawyer with copyright experience.

There are a number of ways a copyright lawyer can help you remain protected, including:

  • They will advise you on the best course of action to ensure long term protection of your intellectual assets.
  • They can follow up potential copyright infringements, catching them before they escalate.
  • They will advise you on the best course of action if you want to prosecute someone for copyright infringement.

Ultimately, I’d never try and start a new business without speaking to a lawyer with copyright experience, even if the business wasn’t heavily dependant on intellectual material.